How Points Are Decided

qIt is fairly obvious that many tennis points are WON with pressing shots or out-right winners. And many points are LOST with errors, forced and unforced. But there is a third way that points (and usually critical ones) are decided.

Points Not Won

Picture a good doubles match, with several long rallies of baseline vs. net players … bang, bang, bang, and the last shot is hit for either a screaming forehand down the line or a crisp put-away volley.

But all too often, that last shot wasn’t the decider … it was the shot BEFORE the final one that the opponent didn’t do enough with the ball.

Either the net man just poked the volley back in play – when he could have really stepped into it and either put it away or at least hit a forcing shot. Or the baseliner, hit a very conservative groundstroke that floated across at shoulder height to the net man – when they could have hit a driving forehand down the middle or an offensive lob.

The lesson is: when you have a chance, be aggressive and not passive – and you will be the one deciding who wins the key points.

French Open

I don’t know about you, but I was happy with both the victors in this weekend’s finals. Sharapova and Rafa are both fighters, who try hard to win every point. Halep is young and will have her opportunities in the future and Djokovic has won a lot (albeit NOT the French).

The Friendship Cup

This weekend, we travel north to Mont Tremblant in Canada to participate in the annual Friendship Cup. I will be practicing this week with my 70s doubles partner for the event, Whitey Joslin (an nice partner to have!). More to come after the event.

Your thoughts on all of the above?

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1 thought on “How Points Are Decided

  1. Great observation. I’m thinking of one point today where Djokivic had a game point, but let up and hit a very conservative ball to the middle of the court, where Nadal easily hit a winner to the open court. Then it was deuce and Nadal went on to win the game for a huge momentum swing. I remember thinking at the time that that could have been the shot that cost Djokivic the French Open title.

    Mike – I think i remember seeing that same point! george

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