Tennis And Travel: The Migration North

circusThe Wachtel Family Traveling Circus left Naples a week ago Thursday on our migration north. The trip was 25 hours of driving (to New Hampshire), with tennis stops along the way – and an invitation to play vs. Canada awaiting me.

After a one – day drive on Thursday, we landed at our son Jeremy’s house in Savannah for a one-day layover. We were scheduled to play tennis on that Friday, but the real – feel temperature was 99°! So we went in the pool instead.

Connecticut Tennis

After a two-day drive, we then landed in Connecticut and visited with our son Chris. The temperatures were much cooler and Tennis was available.

On Memorial Day Monday, I played singles with Eric Uthgenannt (son of Ernie) at their house court. You know you are feeling and getting old when your friend’s SON is 50 years old. Although Eric is younger, faster, and a better tennis player than I am, I usually have been able to get the best of him based on my consistency. But not this time. He made fewer unforced errors and beat me in straight sets.

On Wednesday, I played singles with Rich Tarantino at his home court, and the starting temperature was 55°! People who know us both say, “oh, you should be Rich easily.” (sorry Rich). But his style is a very difficult one for me to play against. He is extremely fast and gets everything back and plays like a human backboard. End result: we played for two hours and split two sets!

New Hampshire Tennis

Today was the final leg on a trip with the drive to New Hampshire of “only” 2+ hours. Tomorrow’s tennis is with Bob Wilkie, who is still recovering from a grandson – induced Achilles injury.

The Friendship Cup

For the first time, I was invited to play on the Friendship Cup, which plays a Canadian team versus a New England team. This year’s match is north of Montreal at Mont Tremblant on the weekend of June 14–15, Father’s day weekend. The lineup for the whole team for the United States is below. I do not know if I am playing singles or doubles; but more to come on that later.

Brian Lomax
Mike Kolendo
Sena Biswas
Paul Coorson

David Tien
David Cox
John Wilcox
Tom Weber

Wade Frame
Chris Holmes
Tony Ditulio

Joe Boquin
Peter MacPartland
John Wilson
Ken Moulton
Bob McKinley
Conway Felton

Peter Allen
Bill White
Curt Anderson
Tommy George
Mas Kimball
John Fournier

George Wachtel
Bill Simonton
Whitey Joslin
George Lynch

Nick Ourosoff
Dick Canepa
Ernest True
David Lowry

Curt Tong
Paul Young

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7 thoughts on “Tennis And Travel: The Migration North

  1. George,
    Glad you made the trip in one piece.
    Congratulations on making the team!
    You’ll probably be in black-fly season at Mont Tremblant. I tried to golf there in mid-June once, and they got the best of me.
    Be sure to ask Bob McKinley why we haven’t seen him in Naples for the last ten years!
    We’ll miss you on Mondays!

    Spike – tks. would you believe that i do not have any tennis scheduled for next week yet?! george

  2. I know David Tien-He is an opthamologist here in RI and an excellent player-
    and always wanted to go to Mt. Tremblant to race-there is a world class road course that is calling my name-Good luck and have a great time George!

  3. A mispelling – for future reference – 🙂
    Nick Ourusoff (instead of Ourosoff, as you published in the line-up for the Friendship Cup.

  4. Baby Doc, the only racing I will be doing will be after the match and to the bar! Thanks. George

  5. Glad to hear your trip back north was without incident. Please take it easy on Mr. Wilkie until he is really healed. I have been hitting balls with people that are nice enough to hit the ball to me. I am targeting 6/1 to be a little bit more serious about a comeback.

  6. George – GREAT to hear that! We look forward to seeing you on the court with us in the fall. george

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