Racquet Swing Weight

weightAt one of the January tournaments, I saw a player walking with his racquet in his hand and a circular weight fastened in the center (pictured below).

He said it was a 2 lb weight that is used to warm up and strengthen his swing – like baseball batters and golfers use. The concept is in line with the piece on this blog (“Practice Swings” November 26, 2013), recommending tennis players use this technique.

I do not have one; but the device is available at Amazon.com for $18 + shipping.

Has anyone used it or a device like it??

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3 thoughts on “Racquet Swing Weight

  1. Just about any weight will work if you can attach it to the strings. The analogy that this is comparable to a baseball bat donut is correct and some find it helpful. Jack Lease

  2. I used a weight about 30 years ago. It was a bracelet like weight that had sand or something similar inside it with a velcro (yes it was invented then!) fastener that was put at the top of the throat of the racquet. It served the same purpose (no pun intended) and was somewhat helpful.

    steve – tks. george

  3. I would give one word of caution. When using a resistance in any skill, like swinging a tennis racket, there are neurological adaptations that will occur because of the change in weight. Similar to the donut in baseball, we always recommended that after using the weighted bat/donut, the player needed to take a number of swings without any resistance. This will prevent causing an abnormal swing pattern for the hitter. Although it may seem minor, the research support this.

    Larry – it’s great to know people who actually know something! tks, george

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