Crunch Time Secret

Paul Annacone
Paul Annacone
It is a BIG point in the match and you “go for your shot,” but just miss it. Was that the right thing or wrong thing to do?

After separating from coaching Roger Federer, Paul Annacone has been doing color announcing on The Tennis Channel – and doing a nice job of it. Granted he is rather low key; but what he lacks in enthusiasm, he makes up for in knowledge.

Crunch Time

Commenting on one of the matches and how that player handled Crunch Time, he said the secret to playing those big points, in his opinion, is: Hit an aggressive shot – to a conservative location.

Very interesting. What he is saying is, rather than babying the shot, hit the ball aggressively and solidly – but aim at a spot safely inside the lines. So you are putting the pressure on your opponent to come back with something – without giving him The Gift of hitting that big point “just out.”

Good advice from Coach Annacone (whose mother happens to live and play tennis here in Pelican Bay).

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2 thoughts on “Crunch Time Secret

  1. Like the thought process. Put opponent in a position to have to play with not an easy ball to hit.

    Howie – welcome back to the court! George

  2. Excellent swing thought. I think I will try it as I often do “go for too much” in these situations.

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