Playing Injured Can Help!

If you watched this year’s Aussie Open Men’s Finals, you saw Stan Warinka play really “in the zone” in the first two sets;stan and rafa and then Rafa Nadal was obviously suffering from back pain and could hardly serve. So what happened? Rafa won the third set!

Did you ever play a tournament or league doubles match and feel a strain in your leg as you run back to chase a lob? It doesn’t feel bad enough to default; so you keep playing. Will it help or hurt your game?

This happened to me during the tournament run-up; and my partner and I ended up winning the match! Why? ….

Playing Smarter

You end up being more “thoughtful” about your shot selection, making your opponent(s) do the running instead of you. And, making shots to end the point, rather than needlessly prolonging it.

Impact on Your Partner and Opponent(s)

If you confide your injury to your partner, he will frequently try harder … covering more shots and putting away more shots to also try to keep the points shorter.

And if your opponent(s) notice (like Stan surely did), they frequently will change their game just because they are aware of your injury … or, to try to “take advantage” of your injury… and go for shots they possibly should not be making (e.g. going at or over you, rather than playing to the open court); or “feel sorry” for you and take their mind off the task.

So, maybe you should fake an injury? Oh, some players already do!

St. Pete CAT II

Former World #1 Hugh Thompson was upset at this week’s CAT II Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament in St. Petersburg. For full results, please click HERE

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