Peter Peczely
Peter Peczely
If you ever play vs. Evert Jonsson, one of the top players on the senior circuit, he will politely say after he beats you (no matter how badly), “I am just 55-45 better than you. Just a few shots here and there made the difference.” In today’s singles final, it was a little different.

Peter Peczely, the #1 seed, who is currently #71 in the world ITF rankings, is a very solid player, who is at least “60-40” better than me.

We had good points and many deuce/ad games in our one hour and 20 minute match; but he would eventually hit most of the winning shots – for almost any position on the court. He had a great, European-red-clay drop shot, primarily off his forehand – which he could either drive down the line or cross court.

So, needless to say, my good week of tennis ended as “a finalist.” (6-0, 6-1). Which was not all bad, looking at the nice $110 prize money awarded.prize money

Kaizen: Improve or Die

Several friends have nicely commented how they think my game has improved over the last couple of years; and I love that compliment. I also said to DeDe on the two-hour drive home today that I hope my refusal to give in to the inevitability of the aging process has inspired at least one other senior out there to practice tennis, to start getting in better shape, and/or to eat healthier.

The Japanese popularized an industrial saying, “Kaizen,” that roughly translated in use to “Improve or Die.” So, I look forward to playing a match with you in our 90’s!

Link to the tournament is HERE.

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7 thoughts on “55-45

  1. George, one of the reasons I read this site religiously is that you do, indeed, inspire me. Congratulations on reaching the finals and playing so well. You really deserve all of the accolades due to your hard work, perseverance, talent, conditioning, grit and cerebral approach to the game. Now, if I could just lose 25 pounds myself, improve my cardio conditioning, and reduce all of my unforced errors, etc…… Oh well, maybe when I can afford to retire. – Marty

    Marty – Yes, You CAN! and … thanks. george

  2. Good idea, George, on the Kaizen philosophy! Only 64 here, but willing to play you in the 80s age group, a few years early when you are only 85 or so. Enjoying your posts in often freezing cold Denver! Paige

    Paige – ok, Match ON! tks, george

  3. George we have never met but I really like your attitude.I like to think That I have a similar attitude to my tennis.Be competitive and keep trying to improve but don’t forget to enjoy the game for what it is -a way of keeping your mind and body healthy.

    Bryan , “Great minds (and great bodies) think alike.” Where do you play your tennis? George

  4. My home club is in Belfast Ireland.Coming from a country where tennis is not that strong I have had an opportunity to play in the World team championships on a number of occasions since my 45th birthday.I am now 62.It has given me a chance to play all over the world-not very successfully but with a great deal of enjoyment.I have made many friends and the odd enemy.As a team we have played the USA on a number of occasions with no success but a gret deal of enjoyment.Really enjoy reading your articles and appreciate your refreshing attitude to sport.Keep me on your mailing list.

    Regards Bryan

    Bryan, thanks for the kind words. Enjoy life. George

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