Colonial Country Club – Tuesday

The first of the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series of tournaments is on this week at the Colonial Country Club

Tom McCune
Tom McCune
in Ft. Myers. And today’s matches were a challenge of wind and cold (yes, I know all you Northerners rightfully think we are whimps).

Here are results of some people you may know of on this day where the temperature did not get out of the 50s and the wind chill made it in the 40s…

60 Singles:
• Craig Bouchard (former owner of Naples Bath & Tennis) – Forfeited

65 Singles:
• Bob Wilkie beat the #6 seeded Bob Green 6-2, 6-1
• #4 Larry Albritton outlasted David Brown in three long sets
• #1 Don Long (playing “down” in the 65s) had a tough time with a persistent Dave Spilseth (MN) 6-3, 7-6
• Rich Tarantino, coming back to tournament singles, lost

70 Singles:
• Tom McCune, my doubles partner, EASILY defeated the #5 seeded Jeff Thomas (who complained to me before the match that “you Florida west coast guys” don’t know how to seed; because he hasn’t been getting high enough seeds).
• #3 Bill Simonton beat Joe Dyser 6-3, 5-5 (inj)
• #9 Chuck Kinyon handled Gary Englehard in two sets
• #1 Fred Drilling coasted
• #9 Me… see below

75 Singles:
• #2 Paul Caldwell won in two sets
• Newly 75 Michael Fenster easily out ran #5 Hong Kim (0 and 1)

My Match

Was against a steady baseliner, Jay Bortner, who ran very well and hit a slice forehand and backhand. He could serve hard; but rarely did. He held serve to start; and then I blew a 40-love lead on my serve to give him confidence; and he held serve again for a 3-0 lead.

I decided that he really didn’t have a weapon that could beat me; and if I just kept the ball in play (deep and side to side) that eventually he would miss – or give me a ball that I could attack.

With that game plan executed well, a ran him and the next nine games for a 6-3, 3-0 lead. He got a couple of games back on a good service game by him and a sloppy one by me; but I then was able to take the next three games for a 6-3, 6-2 victory.


I face #3 seeded Bill Simonton, who I play against in New Hampshire and in Florida; so we know each other’s games fairly well.

For a link to all the draws and times of the matches, please click HERE.

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1 thought on “Colonial Country Club – Tuesday

  1. First singles match in “new” age group: Congratulations on overcoming the first match blues that caught Jeff Thomas (his enthusiasm for competing is consistently high along with his self-confidence) – I remember losing my first 50’s singles match from a combination of too conservative play, overconfidence, and opponent’s unexpected strong play (felt devastated but used it to motivate fitness work and had a good year overall).
    Every 5 years, you get “young” again and then find out the next age group can compete well also.
    Good luck today vs 3rd seed

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