#1 Coaching Tasks

Who is the latest former World #1 to agree to come back and coach? And when can we start watching tennis again on

TV? Answers to those important questions and more …

#1 Coaches

The news over this weekend from the Federer camp is there will be two additions to his “team”… the Federers are expecting their third child this year + Stefan Edberg has agreed to be his new coach.

In the last few years, we have seen several former #1’s take on the task of working with today’s players… I believe Ivan Lendl has made a very positive impact on Andy Murray’s game; but Jimmy Connors had no time to make any impact on Maria’s game.

So let’s see what Boris Becker will do for Djokovic and what Stefan can do for the aging Mr. Federer (teach him to serve and volley?!).

No one wants to team up with the volatile John McEnroe?

TV Tennis

In case you haven’t seen, “live” TV tennis is back again on The Tennis Channel: this weekend they have been showing (delayed) the invitational from Dubai (Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, Ferrer, Tsonga, and “that other Swiss player.”) The final is being broadcast tonight.

And on Monday, they start showing the Hopman Cup from Australia (Big John Isner and Sloane Stephens representing the US).

Colonial Start Date

In one week, the first in the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix starts at the Colonial Country Club in Ft. Myers. Entries close December 31st at 5 p.m.

And please note this from the website: The correct staring date is Monday the 6th of January for 65, 70, 75 singles. All other divisions will be later in the week.

Here is the link to the tournament website.

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1 thought on “#1 Coaching Tasks

  1. At the start of the Fed’s career, when he seemed to be unbeatable especially at Wimbledon, he was quite the serve and volleyer. However, over the years, there has been a steady migration for Federer more and more toward a baseline game.

    Of course, many will argue that improvements in racquet and string technology (e.g., Luxilon and other poly strings), the advent of players with previously unheard of ball rotation and spin (e.g., Nadal), the advent of players with previously unseen foot speed and scrambling ability (e.g., Djokovich), the advent of bigger and bigger players (e.g., Del Potro and Isner), and overall improvements in the physicality of the game have caused virtually all top players to retreat to the baseline from the way the game used to be played at the net. To a certain degree that is true.

    So, will Edberg really have much positive influence for Federer’s game or not? Only time will tell, but I tend to think even a guy like Edberg will not help the Fed that much in his steady decline. The reality is that the Fed DOES know how to serve and volley and he does not need to be taught that by Edberg, since Federer showed that he was a highly skilled serve and volleyer at the outset of his career. There are reasons why Federer has become much more of a baseline player over the years (hint: see the previous paragraph) and they don’t have much to do with the Fed’s innate skills at the net.

    Rather, I think that what is really wrong with the Fed’s game are issues that not even a guy like Edberg can cure. The issues consist of: (1) getting older (and a step or two slower); (2) having nothing really left to prove (i.e., complacency); (3) reaching the point where other things in life, like a family and a new child, are just as important if not more important than winning matches; and (4) probably some unspoken fear of the other guys already at the top and who are on the way to the top.

    Although I wish Federer and Edberg well, I predict that the Fed will NOT win another Grand Slam and that this year will be his last on the tour.

    Marty – first, where have you been? Missed your (sometimes too long) commentary! On this one, i agree… no real impact. tks, george

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