Footnotes to Longboat

P1020255vzfaWhat does scheduling your dog for a kennel stay say about your tennis ability? That and some other “footnotes” to the Longboat Key tournament that finished on Sunday follow…

Going To The Dogs

Getting ready for the tournament, DeDe called the lady who kennels our two Lhasa Apsos when we travel; and asked her to pick them up on Tuesday morning and drop them off on Friday afternoon.

Coincidentally, the Dog Lady also takes care of #1 seeded Mike Dahm’s dog. And she said, “Oh, I am keeping the Dahm’s dog till Sunday.”

Hmmmm. Tell you something about expectations? Which turned out to be exactly correct: Mike made it to both the 65 singles finals (losing to John Mayotte) and winning the 65 doubles (partnered with Dave Nash).

The Cream Rises

An interesting statistic from the 70 singles… In the quarter finals, the top four seeded players (Fred Drilling, Allan Carter, Joe Bachmann, and Evert Jonsson) played the 5, 5, 5, and 9 seeded players.

The top seeds all won, losing a TOTAL of 12 games! What does that tell you about the difference between Them and Us?!

The King is Dead?

A strange sight to see in the 75 singles… King Van Nostrand was NOT seeded #1.

This is King’s last month in the 75 age group and he was seeded #2 to Fred Farzanegan (in his first year in the 75s). They both made it to the finals, where the Old King survived, 6-4, 5-7, 6-4.

Long live the King!

the tournament link is HERE

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4 thoughts on “Footnotes to Longboat

  1. Hang in there George. I guess there are some guys who are just better than we are. It is hard to believe, but true. However, we may get lucky and catch them on a bad day.
    Everyone has a bad day on occasion.

    Dick – Or, we out-live them! george

  2. I am 68 a Teaching pro and coach, heading down to Florida in a week. I was interested in your Web Site especially the Fitness. I just had a triple bypass and total of 5 graphs have been on Cardiac Rehab and that ends Friday. I live in Mn. May/Oct and Wesley Chapel Oct./May. I really want to get back into teaching and playing when I get there. I have had different doctors say wait 3 months, wait 6 months. January will be 3 months. I have done 24 sessions of Cardiac Rehab and I am up to a Met level of 6.6. Any Fitness sites I should look into?

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