Longboat Key

After a first round bye (#9 seed), my first singles match in this Super CAT II sharapovatournament was vs. a solid, local player John Bradbury, starting at noon today in Sarasota.

He started out well and I started out playing tentatively; so we were at 2-2 when I relaxed and was able to take control of the match. I observed: he preferred his nice, slice backhand to his strong, but erratic forehand; ran better coming in than going side to side; and double faulted under pressure.

So, I stopped drop shots and played controlled, side to side tennis; and was able to run off nine straight games. The final score was 6-2, 6-1 (but, in just under TWO hours).

65 Doubles

After a quick sandwich and change of clothes, I teamed up with my “younger partner,” Tom McCune for our first round 65 doubles match.

We played a Longboat Key team, who we had played – and beaten easily three years ago – at the same tournament and on the same court. This year, we made it “much more interesting” and survived 6-4, 6-4.

Tomorrow’ Matches

In singles, I play #5 seeded Evert Jonsson in the morning; and after lunch, Tom and I play #2 seeds Ferguson and Plummer.

oh, and the picture of Maria? she has nothing to do with anything here; but it was either one of her or one of me!

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  1. My wife Lana would prefer Nadal without a shirt, tweaking or better yet twerking his shorts. I’ll stick to Maria.

  2. George
    Good luck tomorrow Marie and I are looking forward to seeing you and DeDe for dinner!

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