Battle of the Sexes/Ages

Larry and Ingrid
Larry and Ingrid
This Sunday in Payne Park, Sarasota, there was an intriguing exhibition match between Super Senior Larry Turville and super junior, 14-year-old, nationally ranked girl, Ingrid Neel (Rochester, MN). Would Larry’s control and experience triumph over youth and two-handed backhand?

We have all asked ourselves the question: how would we do playing against one of the players who got close to the pros. Well, this is close to that and my good friend Ken Weissleder was there to provide the photo and results….

Young Ingrid started out a little nervous, making some double faults. So, Larry took the first set 6-4.

She settled down in the second set and brought it to a tie-breaker. To the crowd’s surprise, she was able to squeak out an 8-6 tiebreak victory, sending it into a deciding Ten Pointer.

Seems like her youth and speed was just enough to carry the day, taking the deciding tie-breaker 10 points to 7.

Longboat Key Tournament

Speaking of Sarasota, this week, the Longboat Key Tennis Center (public facility) hosts a Super CAT II (how is that different from a CAT II??); and many local and national players will be there.

I will be playing in both 70 singles and “playing down” in the 65s to team up with my to-be January partner Tom McCune. In the singles, I went from being “the smartest kid in the dumb row” (one of the best NON seeded players) to being “the dumbest kid in the smart row” (the lowest ranked seeded player).

But a seed is a seed; so I play first singles AND doubles on Wednesday. For those interested in checking out the draws in all age groups, please click HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes/Ages

  1. Thanks to Jack Moter for this info….

    Super Category II Guidelines – amended 3/18/2012, effective 1/1/2013
    Some USTA Category II Tournaments will be designated “Super” Category II Tournaments by the National Adult/Senior Competition Committee. “Super” Category II Tournaments will be allocated more ranking points than other Category II Tournaments. In order to be designated a “Super” Category II Tournament the tournament:
    • Must meet all the requirements of a Category II Tournament
    • Must be in the top 50% of all Category II Tournaments in terms of numbers of players per event (men’s tournaments will be compared to men’s tournaments and women’s tournaments will be compared to women’s tournaments in terms of draw size, and the age divisions offered will be a consideration). In the 30s, 35s, 85s and 90s age divisions, the Players Per Event calculation will not include those events and the included players where an event has less than four entries.
    • Should offer a ¾ playoff and must offer at least a singles First Match Losers or Voluntary Sign-Up Consolation.
    • The 30s, 35s, 85s & 90s will not count in the Players Per Event Calculation when they have less than 4 entries.
    • The Tournament Director should send out a post-tournament email regarding evaluations using the link that will be posted to the tournament homepage.
    Geographic location will be a factor but will be less important than draw strength.
    Super Category II status and the Super Category II guidelines will be reviewed annually.

  2. Сonsolation tournaments are required for Super Category II tournamanets, not for Category II.

    Nick , yup, that is one of the differences. See the info from jack Moter. See you at longboat! George

  3. Thought I would give you first hand observation of the BOS match. I went into the match thinking I would have the edge with my slice, drop shots and stronger serve. Man, this 15 year old has some gear! She must have hit 40 winners off the return of serve or from baseline and to add insult to injury she had about 20 volley winners. Never expected her to come in so much and she had good volleys. Overall I battled, but she seemed to handle my slice and then push me off the court and come in. I think I could have played a little smarter, but she’s the real deal and nice young lady. There was one minor thing that didn’t help either as that we played let serves and she had about 6 or 7 while I had one and I lost most of them. Don’t like it. BTY I was down 4-2 in first set so she wasn’t too nervous, and did have a few chances in the second losing it in a TB. In the last TB fought back from 0-5 to 8-8 and she hit a great return and I missed mine. Wouldn’t mind playing her again when I am a little match tougher, but better make it pretty soon as she will be getting tougher by the month as she greats stronger.

    Larry – thanks for the on-court analysis. not being there, i was wondering whether it was an “exhibition planned to go to a Tie Breaker” or whether you two were playing to win. Obviously, the latter. See you this week at Longboat. tks, George.

  4. Apparently, the Longboat key Super Category II tournament is ending after this one. I hope that changes. Good luck George – go get them!
    Thanks for the commentary Larry and your admirable passion to compete in tennis!

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