What’s Your Excuse?

The young man pictured is Conner Stroud, a 13-year-old tennis player from North Carolina. His story is featured in this

Conner Stroud
Conner Stroud
month’s Tennis Magazine and should be an inspiration to us all.

Born with a defect, he came into this world without hips, femur bones, knees, or ankles. To give him more mobility, his parents made the difficult decision to also amputate the front half of his feet, leaving only his heels.

Connor Plays Tennis

And he has played tennis since he was 4 years old. Not wheelchair tennis; but regular tennis vs. “normal” boys his age – and has won tournaments!

So, I repeat the headline, “What’s Your Excuse?” How does that sore knee feel now? That bad back?

Want to Come to Newk’s?

Speaking of “excuses,” if you have never come to Newk’s camp in October, why not? Some people I talk with say:

• “I don’t think I can play singles and doubles in the same day.”
• Or, “I can’t play on hard courts.”

Well Steve Contardi, the camp’s originator and CEO, says he will do everything possible to have interested campers play doubles only and/or play on soft courts.

So, think about it for next year.

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