Shoe Sale

shoesIt’s a long story (that I will be glad to tell you over a beer), but I have three new pairs of New Balance tennis shoes for sale — cheap!

Here are the specs:
• New Balance 804 leather shoes
• Size: 10 EE (for a wider foot)
• One pair never worn; the other two pairs were worn one time each (till I realized they were the wrong size for me)
• Suggested Retail $104/ Holabird price: $75
• My price: $33.33 a pair ($100 for all three)
• For a link to the Holabird description, click HERE

Let me know if the size is right for you and you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

John Newcombe Tennis Camp

This coming Sunday, the SW Florida trio of me, Willy Hoffmann, and Rich Tarantino will head off to San Antonio for our tennis-filled, beer-filled, and fun-filled week at John Newcombe’s Ranch.

Assuming all goes according to plan, you should be able to read tennis tips from the Legends (Newk, Emmo, Stolle, Woodforde, etc) starting a week from today.

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4 thoughts on “Shoe Sale

  1. I’m wondering if you had the same experience I did. I bought the 1005 7.5 4E as replacement for my 1004s. I had been wearing that size because they gave me good room for my big toe and solved the problem I previously had of jamming my nail and getting a big subungual hematoma (bleeding under the nail). Unfortunately, the 1005s are smaller than the 1004s, even though they are listed as the same size, so I had to increase the size to the 8 4E. Unfortunately, I also bought and wore 2 pairs before I figured this out (I made the discovery during the finals of a tournament a few weeks ago, injury so bad I had to default and I did not want to make it even worse before camp, but able to play fine now). Looking forward to seeing you at Newk’s.

  2. Phil … No, my problem was I didn’t check the size inside the shoes when they arrived. I think the box had my size as I thought it should be (I think).

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