Playing a Quall-ity Player

My second round match at the National 70s Championship was vs. #5 seeded Bob Quall, a retired judge from California and it was a positive, learning experience.

Bob is a small guy with a big forehand. He and i spent an hour and a half trying to control the court with our forehands. He dominated play and cruised in the first set; and went up a break, serving 2-1 in the second.

i decided i needed to raise it up a level, take as many balls as i could on my forehand and come in behind the strongest shots (which is what my game plan should be ALL the time!).

He said after the match that he “felt the match turn at that point” and knew he had to do something to regain control. so, he ran around every backhand he could to hit his big forehand (both strongly cross court and down the line).

Bottom-line is: his forehand is stronger than mine and he makes fewer errors. i said to him after the match (6-1, 6-3) that i thought he made no more than 5 unforced errors. he just smiled and said, “Yes, i tend to make very few errors.”

The experience for me was great. I think on my best day i could have beaten him; but the lesson learned is “play your game and good things will happen.”

Bill Simonton had a good tournament in both singles and doubles — until he was “Parkerized” in both!

For the link to the tournament website and all other results, Please click HERE.

2 thoughts on “Playing a Quall-ity Player

  1. Glad you have the ambition to compete at that level and the attitude of fixing things and going further next time. You experienced one of my pet peeves at nationals, the mid-level player is out after 2 matches too often. With a 1st round only back draw, you travel all that way for 24 hours or so in the tournament. If the tournaments were geared more for the mid-level players rather than almost exclusively for the top players, we ambitious midlevel players would get to play enough to make the trip worthwhile and the learning experience better. There should be more than a 1st round back draw. Ideally, you could have fed into a full backdraw where you were competing for 5th place in the national tournament, a worthy goal. A compromise is to have at least 2nd match losers feed in. Not playing past the 2nd day does not encourage participation nor provide improvement experience for we who are not likely to be semifinalists (yet!).

    Winder – my feelings, exactly! tks, geo

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