What’s The Call?

Most people know the rules about a ball with backspin bouncing BACK over the net, but what happens if it bounces INTO the net?brad

During the US Open match of Gasquet vs. Ferrer, the Frenchman hit a drop shot with backspin that backed up and hit into the middle of the net. Speedy David Ferrer got to the ball as it was coming off the net and tried (unsuccessfully) to bunt it over.

Had he been able to, would it have been legal?

According to the tennis player announcers (Brad Gilbert and Killer Cahill), yes, it would have been a legal shot!

As a reminder on the “more conventional” backspinner that goes back over the net on its own …

• If you don’t touch the ball, you lose the point.

• But, you ARE allowed to reach over the net to strike it.

P.S. to the US Open… Congratulations to Stan Warinka on his best Major ever and the match he played against Djokovic on Saturday. He seems to be a nice guy, who is finally coming out of the shadow of the great Roger Federer.

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Call?

  1. I believe that Nadal tried to return a ball (unsuccessfully) off the net in the final against Novak also.

    Question – If a doubles match one team messes up and returns serve from the wrong court but the opposing team does not bring it up until the next service game, what is the ruling?

    Larry – the rule is “all points and games played in good faith” stand. were yours “in good faith”? geo.

  2. All games were played in good faith. However, after our opponent made his late call he wanted some type of concession/penalty on our part. After we beat them the first set, he said he hurt his groin and went home! Thanks.

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