Who Are the Old Aussies?

For those of us who journey to John Newcombe’s Ranch in Texas every October for the annual gathering of the Fantasy Tennis pros and players, we think we have a sense of the background of our favorite Aussie Legends. But fellow camper Bill Adam shared a link to a great, old Sports Illustrated article that tells much more.

My first contact with this special crew of tennis players from Down Under was at the World Cup tournament, which pitted Australia against the U.S. and played in Hartford, Connecticut. That is where this article starts. Take a look by clicking HERE (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1089607/1/index.htm)

If you are a Fantasy Tennis alum, I will look forward to seeing you in October. If you have never been, think about joining us this year. It is an experience you will never forget.

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5 thoughts on “Who Are the Old Aussies?

  1. For all of us with the unique background of tennis fantasies the Sports Illustrated article is particularly meaningful as we have literally aged with them. They are truly a “band of brothers” and would do anything for another except give them a pass on the tennis court. We are all fortunate to be included to a small extent in their extended family.

  2. This will be one of my shorter responses, George. I have been going to Tennis Fantasies camp EVERY year since 1993, save for one year when I had an unavoidable conflict (and I was miserable the whole year). If you have never gone to this camp, and if you love tennis, you MUST go. If you are a TF alum and it has been a while since you went, you SHOULD go again. It is fun, fun, fun. You will get to meet some of the finest players in the world, of all time, who are to a man the nicest and finest people in the sporting world. And, best of all, you will meet a great group of guys who will accept you to their fraternity with open arms. George is right. This is an experience you will never forget.

    Marty… Camp IS great, and shorter is better! Thanks george

  3. George, thanks for posting the Sports Illustrated article!

    Bill … Thanks for sharing. Geo

  4. Great article — just saw a Signature Legends series on Rod Laver. All the Tennis Fantasies Legends were prominent throughout led by Emmo! So honored to know these gentlemen and actually can call them friends! How lucky are we!

  5. Wonderful article to share, George.

    When the US National Doubles were held at Longwood Cricket Club in Brookline, MA, I was watching a match where Newcombe and Roche were partners. When Newk got a terrible “out” call from a linesman, Newcombe did not pull a McEnroe. Instead, after a look of disbelief, he belted out an explosion of laughter which a moment later had the whole stadium laughing long and loudly with him.

    One player missing from the ‘Old Aussies” article was Neale Fraser who had an unbelievable left handed kick serve. He won three major singles titles in 1959-1960. I researched the others a little and saw that Hoad won 3 major singles titles (1956-57), Rosewall won 8 (1953-72), Ashley Cooper won 4 (1957-58) and Mal Anderson won a single major in 1957. Emmo won 12 between 1961-67, and Fred Stolle (the fiery one) won 2 (1959-60). We all know about Rocket Rod, and we shouldn’t omit Frank Sedgman who won 5 (1949-52)_— and so many other great doubles players.

    I see you’ve signed up for the National Clay Court singles, George. I know you’ll have a ball. I’ve played four of these and they all were great experiences. Good luck!

    Dag – Good stuff! thanks, geo

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