Friends Playing at Wimbledon

Henk Nijeboer and Fred
The US team, captained by David Nash of of Bloomington, Minn., just completed playing in the 2013 Ted Avory Cup at the All-England Club in Wimbledon. This is the ninth Ted Avory Cup, played every other year between Great Britain and the United States and is hosted through the International Tennis Club of the United States.

The U.S. team as a whole won over 350 National Championships and a multitude of World Individual and Team Championships. This event follows the same dress code as Wimbledon as everything must be predominately white and shirts must be collared.

Here is Fred Drilling’s summary from across the pond…

Hi All,
First day at Wimbledon I practiced on court 3 which had an experimental way of putting the grass down. It was grown in a different part of the UK and shipped in in crates and applied to the court. Court was a bit sandy with high bounces and not a single bad bounce in 2 sets. The rest of the courts that we played on (14-19) were not so slow and had the occasional bad bounce. You didn’t want to stay back too long but it also was not easy to get to the net, and no serve and volleying at our age :-).

I played the first day on the celebrated court 18 (see picture), known as “Isner’s Court”. I lost 5&2 to who was ranked 2 in the world 70’s in 2011. I’d beaten him the previous 4 times but he was too tough on the grass. Jimmy Parker lost to Mark Cox in a 3rd set match tie-breaker. Cox played Wimbledon 16 times and played on the Center Court of Wimbledon 10 times. Jimmy and I then beat Cox and Nijeboer in the doubles in a 3rd set match tie-breaker 10-6.

Jimmy cramped up all night and couldn’t play the next day against Nijeboer; and I lost 4 and 2 to Cox, who was very tough on the grass. David Nash of the 65’s and Ted Hoehn on our 70 team played doubles and lost to Cox and Nijeboer in 3rd set tie-breaker.

In all there were about 16 matches that went to 3rd set breakers and the US lost all but 2 or 3 of them. US lost maybe 42-16. Lost track after getting so far behind:). Even Dan Waldman, World 55’s champ earlier this year, lost 3rd set breaker. Rick Leach, winner of a number of Wimbledon doubles titles, won all his matches in the 40’s I think.

All in all a very wonderful once in a lifetime experience and seeing players we’ve known for 50 years makes it especially great. As I think of things I’ve forgotten, I’ll try to send them out.


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5 thoughts on “Friends Playing at Wimbledon

  1. George, in addition to the guys mentioned in Fred Drilling’s summary above, my personal tennis coach, Hyacinth Yorke, played in the women’s 50s. Also, a former Tennis Fantasies alum, Mike Dahm, played in the men’s 65s I think. Hy has been posting all week on Facebook about what a great time she had, including beating the # 4 woman player in the world in her age group.

  2. George , I have really enjoyed your site . Great job .

    Skip – tks… see you down south. george

  3. Reading Fred’s comments about playing @ Wimbledon reminded me about the team matches we had when I was @ The Queen’s Club vs. All England Lawn Tennis Club in July 1988.
    We played 3 doubles matches, roughly ages 45,55,and 65 on courts 3-5.
    All England LTC posted a large chalk board at the Club entrance with the results and after the first match everyone retired to the clubhouse for tea and sandwiches.
    Quite civilized!
    New subject, I just returned from the Atlantic Coast Cup competition which is an annual event which rotates between New England,Eastern, Middle States and Middle Atlantic[4 of the sections of the USTA] 65 and 75 age brackets. This years event was held July 29-30 @ the famous Westside Tennis Club, Forest Hills N.Y.
    the site of the U.S. Nationals and many Davis Cup matches.
    I remember watching matches there as a kid in the famous stadium court and along the fences on the outer courts.
    I believe that the last match there was the Arthur Ashe-Tom Okker final in 1968.
    Joe McAleer and Rick Wright were there on the Middle States 65 team.
    WestsideTC has 21 Har-Tru and 9 grass ,some hard courts and red clay.

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