Are you a reader?

If you are a sports fan and reader of good fiction, here are five good books to consider…

Playing For Pizza – by John Grisham (Pelican Brief, etc) this is a fun look at a washed up NFL quarterback who goes to Italy and plays in an amateur league.
Bleachers – I just finished this newer release by John Grisham about a high school football team returning to town as their great, but domineering coach is dying.
Calico Joe – Another Grisham sports novel, this one is about a baseball phenom who comes up to the big, bad, big leagues.
Blockade Billy – Another baseball novella by Stephen King, tells the story of “Blockade Billy” Blakely, a fictional catcher played for the New Jersey Titans during the 1957 season.
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – Another Stephen King baseball book, this one is about nine year old girl lost in the woods and listens to Red Sox baseball as she tries to survive.

Now, with all those, I have never found a good piece of fiction based around tennis. Is there one out there???

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3 thoughts on “Are you a reader?

  1. Tough indeed to find good fiction about tennis, particularly in the form of a novel.

    So instead, I’d recommend the book A Terrible Splendor, an incredible tale of a compelling Davis Cup match between American Don Budge and German Gottfried von Cramm. Remarkable tennis and engaging back stories set in the ’20s and ’30s.

  2. agree with our friend Joel
    terrible splendor is one of the best tennis books ever
    can also recommend ‘ High Strung ‘ about Borg and McEnroe
    and for all my fellow Yankee fans ‘ Steinbrenner ‘ by Bill Madden

  3. The Tennis Partner by Abraham Verghese. Not sure if it is fiction but it is a good story, well written and infused with the love of the game.

    Geoff … Thanks! George

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