Whitey Has Balls

As a follow-up to the piece about one friend having one silver ball, another New Hampshire tennis friend, Whitey Joslin and his daughter Laura have

Laura and Whitey

Whitey and his daughter Laura started playing nationally in 2005; they played the Senior Division through 2009, and graduated to the Super-Senior Division in 2010. Here is their chronology:

• In 2005, they won their first ball at the Clay Courts (SILVER)
• In 2006, they won their 2nd ball at the Indoors (BRONZE)
• In 2007, they were Consolation Finalists at the Clay Courts and won the (BRONZE) at the Indoors
• It looks like 2008 was a bad year…nothing
• In 2009, they won another (BRONZE) at the Grass Courts
• In 2010, they graduated away from those younger teams into the SSrs. they took 4th place at Longwood on the grass; got a (SILVER) at the Indoors; and won their first (GOLD) at the Clay Courts.
• In 2011, they were Consolation Finalists at the outdoor Hard Courts; got a (SILVER) at Longwood, a (Silver) at the Indoors, and won their 2nd (GOLD) at the Clay Courts.
• In 2012, they got a (BRONZE) at the Indoors; they got a (BRONZE) at the Outdoor Hardcourts; and took (SILVER) at the Grass Courts, and (SILVER) at the Clay Courts.
• And they started off 2013 with the (SILVER) in Chicago.

Grand Total stands at 2 GOLD, 7 SILVER, and 5 BRONZE…And as a result of playing so many National Venues, they were ranked #1 in both 2011 and 2012!


Speaking of outstanding play, did you see the Serbian doubles team rise to the occasion yesterday, winning an incredible five set match 15-13 in the fifth set? There were three of the best doubles players in the world on the court and the fourth guy (who has a doubles ranking of 1,150th in the world!) made the difference in the match.

What are the odds that Querry and Isner can both win the reverse singles today? Slim, I think.

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5 thoughts on “Whitey Has Balls

  1. Great family story; it shows the reason why they offer National tournaments in family divisions. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Laura and Whitey> Congratulations on your record. Just played with Nick Orusoff who is tournament bound somewhere in the south. We are here at Sea Oaks in Vero Beach, Fl. Nancy still has that slice serve you taught her which totally aggrevates her opponents. You’d da “team” Gene and Nancy.

  3. Tom hit it right on the nose. You won’t find better people. They deserve anything
    good that comes their way.

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