Stayin’ Alive and Sarasota

Here is something I hope everyone reads, because you may end up saving somebody’s life (and as I enter the 70s, the odds get better that it could be mine!).

There is a new, simpler, more effective method of hands-only CPR that people should learn. It could save a life!

Here is the link to the 2-minute American Heart Association video: LINK


For my last Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament of “the season” I am playing just singles in Payne Park, Sarasota, this week. Being the #3 seed, my first match today was vs. Dick Fairchild, vacationing from northern Ohio, where he just left cold, indoor, and hard court tennis (and no USTA history, because he “hasn’t played a tournament in at least 15 years.”).

He was a nice guy with decent strokes on both sides, who ran down many, many balls. Although many games went to deuce, his tournament rustiness showed on critical points; and I was able to maintain total focus for a 6-0, 6-0 victory.

The round of 8 match is Thursday morning (if the incoming rain doesn’t impact play).

For the link to the tournament site, click HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Stayin’ Alive and Sarasota

  1. Hey Geo,
    Good luck! Sorry I can’t make it, we’re leaving for Ca tomorrow.

    Ken … Enjoy the grand kids! George

  2. Thanks for the info, George. Since receiving a pacemaker 15 months ago, I will take all the extra info for “staying alive”. Also we spend a lot of time on our boat in the summer; I will make sure my wife sees this video. Thanks, stay healthy, Ed Tunick

    Ed – I hope you never need it! george

  3. George, I wonder if you had a chance to talk with Dick Fairchild. He’s a friend of mine and we play together regularly. He came to Fantasy Camp just once, in 2002 which was also my first time. Not sure if you were there that year so you may not have met him then.

    Bill – we chatted just briefly after our match; but the subject of camp never came up. Steve C wrote me and told me Dick had come just one year and that he was a friend of yours. george.

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