Keep Your Bed Clean

According to teaching pro, Steve Diamond (NJ), you cannot have anything in the string bed that will impact the ball.

Therefore, if you use a vibration dampener it has to be below the bottom row of your string bed. The example pictured would be illegal.

How about the little “string savers” that many people (including me) use to prevent wear? According to the Rules of Tennis:

“The racket shall be free of attached objects, protrusions and devices other than those utilized solely and specifically to limit or prevent wear and tear or vibration or, for the frame only, to distribute weight.”


Remember that close line call at match point in the Sterling Oaks tournament (pictured)? i got this nice email from my opponent:

Paul Caldwell has forwarded me your blog on our match. I just wanted to follow up by saying “what a guy you are”. I looked at the mark and would have probably called my shot out. I don’t play against many players that would have called that shot good. You sincerely should be congratulated and noticed for being totally honest. I really enjoyed the match, meeting you, and I look forward to possibly playing you again in the future. You are a quality player and I feel most fortunate to have come out with a win against you.
My best regards,
Charlie Burns

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