University Park Doubles

For this fourth tournament in the series, I am teaming with my third different partner (what does that say about ME?!), Dave Taylor, who lives just around the corner from the tennis club.

In our first round doubles match on Tuesday p.m. (after my singles loss to Don Long), we played a crafty local team. We were down a break of serve in the first set at 4-3; but came back to win it 7-5.

The second set was almost the opposite… we were serving 5-1 for the match; didn’t hold serve. Then they held to bring to us serving for the match again at 5-3; we didn’t hold serve again.

With my good friends Steve and Marie waiting patiently in the fading light to go out to dinner with me, we got our act together and broke serve for a 7-5, 6-4 survival.

For some reason (?), we were not scheduled to play again till today, Thursday; so I drove the 120 back home and came back up this morning to face #5 seeded Hill Griffin and Ralph Greico.

I alerted to roaming referee to the “potential for controversy” with one of our opponents; so she placed us on the first court to monitor the whole match. First infraction: we waited well past the scheduled start time of 1.30; because our opponents went to the other facility “by mistake”.

They show up 15 minutes late; don’t apologize for being late; don’t even say Hello; much less introduce themselves. Then we have the coin flip, which they win and elect to serve. I say out loud to my partner, “OK Dave, we want you to serve first with your back to the sun; so we will receive into the sun to start.”

The referee leaves and we take the court. In a couple of minutes, they both walk over onto our side and say they would like to “change their mind on their serving selection.” Dave and I simultaneously say “NO!”

The referee returns and stays for the whole match and, what do you know, there was not one bad call!

Dave and I played well, lobbed them well, and I covered a lot of the court … and we won a solid 6-2, 6-4 victory.

On Friday, we face #4 seeds, Thay Butchee (Nashville) and Ivo Barbic (Atlanta).

If you happened to review the 75 singles brackets and saw that Pelican Bay’s super senior won a straight set 6-4, 6-4 victory on Tuesday… he was on our doubles court before us; and that match lasted just shy of THREE HOURS!

For full results and upcoming matches, click HERE to go to the tournament website.

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3 thoughts on “University Park Doubles

  1. Good result George–and good that you pointed out the arguably unsportsmanlike behavior of competitors–in the final analysis, what point is there in bending or breaking the rules to one’s advantage in what is supposed to be be a fair contest? I think doing the right thing is always preferable to winning at the cost of your dignity–not everyone agrees, do they?

    Doc – i cannot comprehend the mentality of people who are cheaters! george

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