Colonial Singles Semi’s

Jeff Greenwald
In the 70s singles semi-finals today, it was the #1 seed Fred Drilling vs the 4 seed Tony Cessna (KY) and the 2 seed Bill Simonton vs 5 seeded Me.

Before reporting on any results, here is a message from Larry Turville on why we are now using the Coman tiebreaker in singles:

George, on the web site I have written that we will use coman for all singles and doubles. I am not against using the regular TB for singles but the coman is much better and fairer for doubles. If you use one for doubles and the other for singles, that causes confusion. To keep it simple it’s easier to use coman in both.

For today’s play, following the same exact pattern that I have all week, I left the house early for the 45 minute drive and listened Jeff Greenwald’s Fearless Tennis CDs, did 20 minutes of pre-match stretching, and tried to calm and focus my mind.

If you have never been exposed to this, or any other, “mental training,” you may want to explore it. Greenwald’s pre-match, sitting-in-your-car segment is excellent to listen to.

Bill Simonton is a tournament tough and very heady player, so I figured he would come to the court with a game plan that included something like drop shots and moon balls. It was the moon ball… And I effectively played them by trying to take them in the air, short hopping, or hitting as overheads.

Friend Jack Lease watched the whole match and observed that I again stayed totally focused on almost every point. My play was steady and strong, and didn’t face one break point on my serve.

In one and a half hours of solid tennis, I was able to survive with a 6-3, 6-2 victory and into the finals on Saturday vs former World #1 Fred Drilling (who beat Tony Cessna fairly easily).

Nice words from friends watching and thanks to blog-reader Peter for coming down from Punta Gorda to introduce himself watch the “two boys from New Hampshire” play.

In the afternoon doubles quarters, Michael Fenster and I teamed up against #1 seeded Fred Drilling and Clive Kileff. There was a crowd of about 30 people watching; and many commented “how well we played.”

Trouble was Fred and Clive played even better. It seemed that no matter what we hit or what strategy we employed, they had the answer. They ran through us fairly quickly 6-1, 6-1.

But I had a chance to say something to the tournament director that I don’t remember ever having the opportunity to say, “See you Saturday!”

Singles finals against Drilling, Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

There were many more completed matches, which you can see (when the web site is updated) by clicking HERE.

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7 thoughts on “Colonial Singles Semi’s

  1. as I predicted….but not by such a one-sided score!
    Congratulations on reaching the finals – the 1st of many times I would like to think!

  2. George! – you are rockin’, man- go get Drilling, remember, he’s 70 too. I think you’ve got some kind of Zen tennis thing going, keep it up.

  3. Congrats on a great tournament effort and thanks for putting a face on the senior events with real passion and interesting commentary…keep up the good work!

  4. Geo, very proud of my college buddy. u da man!! Wow!
    Good luck! If wasn’t playing myself, I would come down to see your match.
    Go getem!!

  5. Your cousins say “Wow!” You’ve got the glory. Now we wish you a victory to go along with it Sat. AM.

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