Colonial Country Club Wednesday

Wednesday was a record-tying 87 degrees as play continued for the first Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament in Ft. Myers. There were many second round singles matches and the start of the doubles.

One key matchup resulted in fascinating watching and a tennis ruling question. In the 65 singles division, the incredibly challenging retrieving, moon-balling, drop-shotting Wolfgang Jaeger (#5 seed) played a much “better” tennis player in Bill MacArthur (NY).

MacArthur kept forcing the action; but Jaeger just kept retrieving shots and floating up moon-balls until he got an error. They played into a first set tie-breaker; and it was obvious that if MacArthur didn’t win it, he was done (having had to finish his first round singles match that morning).

The referee decreed that they were following the new “ITF Senior Tennis Rules” and had to play a Coman tie-breaker (changing sides on every four points). Larry Turville – are you reading this? Is that true?

After blowing at least three set points on floaters, MacArthur was serving at 8-9 in the breaker. Those of us in the stands watching, knew they should be changing ends; so that he would not have to be serving right into the noon day sun. But the USTA on-court referee, who was controlling play, did not have them switch.

Double fault. End of set (and essentially, the match)

My second round singles match was vs. Ron Trapp of Ft. Myers, who won in straight sets yesterday. During the warmup, my assessment was “an OK player, who doesn’t run that well.”

As we began playing, I saw the only real shot he had that could hurt me was an effective forehand drop shot. As I started winning consecutive games, my mantra was “stay focused on every point.”

I played very steady tennis, making very few unforced errors, and stayed focused for a quick love and love victory.

Given the opportunity, I then scouted tomorrow’s challenge … #2 seed Clive Kileff, former Rhodesian Davis Cupper.

After lunch, the second match of the day was my first tournament teamed with Michael Fenster from Oxford, CT (Spike Gonzales was the matchmaker). We played against a good team from MN, Tom Fridinger and Bob Busch.

Michael and I successfully launched our partnership with a 6-0, 6-1 victory. Our next doubles match is on Friday afternoon vs. the #1 seeded team of Fred Drilling and Clive Kileff.

There were many more completed matches, which you can see by clicking HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Colonial Country Club Wednesday

  1. Thx for posting some of the results. It’s 7:30pm and NONE of the morning or early pm results are posted on the tournament website! You’d think someone on the committee could take a few minutes and post them in real time for the benefit of the tennis community.

  2. From reading past tournaments you have played in,
    it seems to me you are playing excellent tennis. Way to go!
    Good luck on your upcoming matches.

  3. Thanks for continuing to provide information on our local players and a results link. Looking over the field and scores, you and the other area players are a great group and a force to be reckoned with. Good luck to them all.

    Bob – tks. we hope to continue to make you proud all month! george

  4. I enjoy George’s adventures on the court and responding to his mention of the Coman TB. We are using the Coman in all singles and doubles on the FL SSGP Circuit. It is not as relevant in singles, but still can make a difference if bad sun or wind, and it get’s confusing if we use one type for singles and one type for doubles. Keep up good work.

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