Good News and Bad News

It is THAT time of year in Florida! The start of the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix series of age-based tournaments – my second favorite tennis time of the year (Newk’s Fantasy Camp is, of course, #1). So that is the Good News.

And since in will be turning 70 in June, I get to be the “young guy” in a new age group. The first of the tournaments starts on Monday at the Colonial Country Club in Ft. Myers and I am one of four #5 seeds.

For a link to the draws for all the age groups, click HERE

For a link to Larry Turville’s Florida Super Senior Grand Prix site, click HERE

The Bad News? Well, earlier this week, I had a flare up of the Bicep Tendonitis in my shoulder that plagued me four years ago and knocked me out of the 2008 camp. I can’t understand what caused it this time… no change in racquets, strings, or frequency (my “normal” six days a week).

So even though the tournament starts on Monday, I am taking a few days off, taking a double dose of Aleve, and icing. The pain has subsided; so all may be good to go for singles and doubles with a new partner, Michael Fenster from Oxford, Connecticut. More to come next week.

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2 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. I am having issues with my shoulder also. I believe that most tendinitis is a result of vibration caused by off center hits. In my case it’s too many strikes on the toe of the club

    Bill – you may be right! george

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