The Half-Second Advantage

This tip comes from Pelican Bay pro Mike Lewis: When you are at the net and your partner is serving in doubles, don’t watch

Mike Lewis
his serve land – watch the return of server and you will gain the “half-second advantage.”

Why watch your partner’s serve land? You are not calling the line. And you will obviously know where it is landing by where the returner moves to and sets up to hit a forehand or backhand.

But by keeping your eyes on the returner, you can get a better/sooner idea of what he is planning to do. Is he running around his backhand to hit a big, cross court forehand? Is he jammed and going to float up a weak return that you can pick off? Is he on his back foot and going to try to lob over your head?

Resist the temptation of watching your partner’s serve land and you’ll gain a half-second advantage.

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