What’s The Rule?

We all know that you lose the point if you touch the net before your shot bounces twice; but what happens if you rush in to get a drop shot in doubles, get it back, and touch the net AFTER your opponent plays his shot?

This happened on the next court to me yesterday and the net-toucher immediately said, “I touched the net” and gave up the point. But his shot was volleyed from his opponent to his partner, who then “won the point” with his own volley.

So, since our net-toucher’s shot was “done,” can he then touch the net; or if you touch the net anytime during the point you lose it?

I thought it was the first answer; but according to Friend at Court: you lose the point if you touch the net, net post, or net strap anytime while the ball is in play.

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Rule?

  1. USTA Comment 24.1 A player loses the point when any part of the players body, equipment (racquet) or apparel touches the net

  2. What happens if you run in to retrieve a shot by your opponent and your momentum carries you past the net post, but you do not touch the net or net post. Do you lose the point?

    John – nope. i have researched that one myself and the rule is you can go beyond the net post, as long as you do not go on the opponent’s court! tks, george

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