Longboat Key Wednesday

In the first USTA Super Senior Florida event of the season, I am playing 65 singles (for the last time) and had a round of 32 match yesterday vs. Patrick Stone of Tallahassee, who I beat three years ago at Sterling Oaks.

The matchup was similar as last time: he has good strokes, but doesn’t run well or hit the ball on the run. So my legs and fairly consistent strokes won the day 6-1, 6-2.

The only games I lost, I lost… going for balls to close to the line and missing shots. I tried to remind myself of Bob Wilkie’s and Marc VanDam’s words, “It doesn’t have to be that good.”

This morning, I play round of 16 vs. #5 seeded Joe Adams of Houston, Texas, who I have never played; but watched the end of his close match vs. Scott Aikmen yesterday… solid first serve and big forehand; but doesn’t look like he runs all that well. So, it may end up being my legs vs. his tennis. We shall see.

Other winners of note: Mike Dahm (seeded #2 in 65s), Fred Drilling (#1 70s), Joe Bachmann (#2 70s), Larry Albritton, Nick Ourusoff, and (5) Ted Hoehn d. William Simonton.

For full results and today’s matchups, please click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Longboat Key Wednesday

  1. Hey George, Sorry I missed you there. Was there on Tuesday watching my friend Weller Evans in 55’s before heading over to Eddie Herr (sorry my heart’s still with the juniors—-they have more hope, but less experience, than the rest of us). Good luck the rest of the week.

    Brian – Sorry, you weren’t there on Thursday… i could have used some on-court coaching like at Camp! george

  2. Best of luck. Run him around and play smart. Bring him to the net then lob him. Much like a fighter to the mid section.

    Mike rennels

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