Your Medical Numbers

Hopefully, you see your GP at least once a year for an annual physical and blood test. I just had my annual and have

Check Your Pulse
some observations on things to look for…

PSA – While there is some controversy on the validity of this test truly indicating the presence of Prostate cancer, I am still a Believer. Remember, it is not your “number” that matters, it is the CHANGE in your number from last year. Since my encounter with Prostate Cancer and operation five years ago, my number is “not detectable.”

Cholesterol – The current rule of thumb targets to have your total cholesterol under 200. Since I have an extreme heart history in my family and my number had crept up to 271, I had been on statins (Zokor, Lipitor, etc) for nearly 25 years, and my number annually had been 160-170. Last year, with my doctor’s approval, I took myself off any pills … and guess what? My number stayed at 170! (With HDL at 66 and LDL at a reasonable 102).

Blood Pressure – The benchmark is usually something around 120/70, not wanting to see it too high – or too low. Mine was 110/66.

Resting Pulse – For me, the number of beats per minute is a great measure of the efficiency and fatigue of your heart muscle. The lower the better. The higher the number, either means your heart is working much too hard to pump blood or you have been working out way too much and it is fatigued. According to an online chart (click HERE), the average senior man has theirs in the 70s, with “good” being in the 60s and “great” being in the 50s. Mine was a super 50 (when I did it in bed that morning, it was 44!).

Do you have any other Vital Signs you look for?

So, check your numbers. I want to play with you for many more years to come!

4 thoughts on “Your Medical Numbers

  1. Always good to be reminded of these things. Nice going on your results. Now if you could just kick that second serve over the fence…

    Fred – i tried again yesterday to hit the fence on my warmup serve … and couldn’t do it! george

  2. 1), Skin checkup every 3-6 months. Skin Cancer is like our biggest worry… 2) Take Better care of your back. One false move & you get a pinched nerve; which can be crippling… 3) Try to Upgrade New Hampshire to a Blue State… Now there’s a window of opportunity. Bunches of us will sign your petition…

    Bob – yup, i now have an annual skin check. good thought. george

  3. Another important medical number is weight, and yearly change in weight. A gain of 1 or 2 pounds in a year may not sound like much, but multiply by 10 or 15 years and you will have gained 20 or 30 pounds. Strive to keep your weight under control. A beer is about 100 calories – if you were to drink 1 less beer every day, you could lose 10 pounds in a year!

    Bill: a LIGHT beer is about 100 calories. a full-strength one is 150-170 calories! To burn that, you need to run 1.5 miles! george

  4. HI George…..just a question….when you did your resting pulse in bed, was that before or after? Or, is this a PG-13 website. If so, of course I apologize. Maybe I should anyway? I am really sorry I didn’t get a chance to hang out with you at Newks. But, for any of your other friends/mates who weren’t there…..I have to give you a plug. Two matches I watched you deftly directing traffic, two incredible underdog wins! Your partner Mike/Rambo (incidentally, my oldest friend in the whole world) said you were unbelievable on two counts….figuring out formations and tactics, and just flat out playing your butt off. Take a bow, seriously (from what I saw and from what Mike , never one to dish too many compliments without his name on them, said….you should be blushing with pride). We’ll catch up next year or the one after. Meanwhile, keep us all up to date. Cheers, Kevin

    Kevin – i KNEW that “resting pulse in bed” reference was going to bring some comment! thanks for the kind words from both you and Rambo. I really enjoy teaming up with him … and told him that. i hope to see more of you next time too. george.

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