What’s The Call?

First, a couple of camp post scripts… At camp this year, I intentionally did NOT drink four beers a night after match play;

Brian Gottfried
and at my official “weigh in” a full day after trying to refill my internal water tank from camp, my weight was still down FIVE POUNDS for the week. Brian Gottfried sent me a nice – and telling – note about my last day of competition…

“George, it was a pleasure working with you again. Glad you got through that match the last day. I was starting to think about my CPR training of many years ago. Don’t think I remembered enough to help. Hope to see you soon.”

Now, for a ruling question

We were playing a friendly doubles match Saturday after Newk’s camp and had an interesting line call discussion…

I was serving ad out and hit my serve right near the sideline. The returner played the ball, hitting his return into the top of the net. Neither player called the ball out.

The returner looked at his partner, who said, “I thought it was out.” The returner said, “I did too,” as they walked up to check the mark. They looked at the mark and called the ball OUT.

What’s the call? Can they call it out after not calling it out?

11 thoughts on “What’s The Call?

  1. Nope, out is out on the return of serve in a tournament. You can play the ball on the serve then call it out. sorry Bruce. In friendly tennis game, you do what is friendly. But in a tournament you don’t need to put the ball in play to make an out call. See the code.

  2. 2 opportunities to win the point. 1. Returner hits winner and says I played the point, and 2. Returner misses shot and says ball is out.
    Can’t have it both ways. If you make an immediate out call as soon as you hit the ball, then it’s ok. Otherwise, point is played even after looking at it afterward and seeing it was out.

  3. Sorry to disagree but USTA has a rule (15b?) stating that the receiver must make a prompt call. In other words, he/she cannot wait until the return goes into the net before making the call and getting two chances for the point. I’ll never forget this rule because our team lost a match point because of a similar late call that prevented us from going to the Sectionals!

  4. Here is what “The Code” rule 17 states: 17. Prompt calls eliminate two chance option. A player shall make all calls
    promptly after a ball has hit the court. A call shall be made either before the player’s return shot has gone out of play or before an opponent has had an opportunity to play the return shot.

  5. I think Bob has provided the definitive answer; but Bill’s comment is valid… in a friendly game, the right call is the right answer. thanks to all.

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