Shanghai Masters

I am not a fan of Novak Djokovic personally, but i do have to admire his tennis, his fitness, and his mental toughness. If you didn’t get an opportunity to watch the finals today at the Shanghai Masters, you may want to record a Tennis Channel replay.

Andy Murray won the tight first set 7-5 and was serving for the match, 5-4, 30-love. On the next point, he brought Djokovic to the net and then hit a beautiful lob over his head. Djokovic ran back and hit a between-the-legs shot deep to the corner, and a couple of strokes later, won the point.

I still wonder WHY Djokovic chose to hit that shot, but it changed the momentum at that point. Even though Murray did still have championship point, he lost the game. To Murray’s credit, he did NOT lose his cool and brought it to a second-set tie breaker.

The breaker was one of the best i have ever seen played…
. About 22 minutes long
. Murray had FOUR more match points
. Two of the while serving at 6 points to 4
. It wasn’t so much that Murray lost the points, as it was that Djokovic WON them
. On the flip side, Djokovic had FOUR set points
. But he converted the fourth one

You would think the third set would be all Djokovic, but it was 3-3 when, it appeared to me, that Murray ran out of gas. Could the difference in the longest three-set final of the year have something to do with the fact that Djokovic’s fitness coach used to be the same with Thomas (The Animal) Muster!

At the last point of the grueling match, Djokovic did not immediately do his chest-thumping gorilla imitation, but came to the net to shake hands with Murray. (And then celebrated). Could he be maturing?

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  1. After watching that match, I stated that Rodger will never beat either one of them again in an important match. He has slowed down a little and they cover the court too well. Hope I am wrong.

    Paul – Sadly, i thought the same thing. george

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