US Open Observations

Here are some of my observations after two exciting days (weeks) of high- level tennis…

• Although I do not like either Serena or Djoko personally, they are great tennis players. Maybe I should “forgive” both of them for their earlier behaviors; perhaps they are both better and more mature people now (or, have they just learned to hide their true selves better?).

• After his time delay warning, Djoko’s father looked like a Serbian thug ready to make the referee “an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

• Andy Murray’s victory reinforces the importance of the mental side of tennis … and his hiring of Ivan Lendl to help him get there was a smart choice. How much longer will that pairing last now that Murray has gotten to where he is?

• The Djoko-Murray rival may now be the key feature of men’s tennis for the next several years… with Roger and Rafa fading, and Del Potro knocking at the door.

• These were perhaps the best combined men’s and women’s Grand Slam finals I have ever seen. The quality of the play on both sides has gone to a whole new level, never seen before in tennis.

• While I almost always watch tennis on a delayed basis (to fast forward through commercials), many of my friends do watch it live… especially the three different ones who texted me DURING the match with comments about what was happening.

Now it is time for me to go out and play some of my own tennis!

3 thoughts on “US Open Observations

  1. I missed the Murray-Djokovich final, and would love to see it. I can imagine it was absolutely riveting and spectacular – perhaps the most “gruelling” match ever at the US Open.

  2. GREAT observations!!
    I agree with the level of performance in both the finals! The win for either match could have gone the other way and we would be reading and talking differently today!

  3. Agree with your observations except that I’ve come around to like and respect “The Joker”. He definitely looked like he was battling cramps over the last four games but no question that Andy Murray raised the level of his game significantly and was again pounding a high percentage of first serves in again – I think he would have prevailed regardless at that point.

    The level of play in many of the men’s matches from round of 16 onward was “above and beyond” at a higher level.

    Just an additional comment on Ted Hoehn of VT who just entered the 70 and over level of national tournaments (see your posting of 8/12 and comments): In the National 70+ Grass tournament at Philadelphia just completed Ted handed Fred Drilling his first loss in 31 singles matches this year – including wins over Joe Bachmann, Ivo Barbic, and Alan Carter 2x. (Right now Fred Drilling is representing the US in the International ITF Team competition in Croatia.) Dag

    Dag – On the Joker… yes i agree it looked like he was battling cramps; and illegally called for a trainer, citing “a groin pull.”

    on Ted H … yes, i saw those results!! tks, george.

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