Grunters Beware

I don’t normally agree with most of what Mary Carillo has to say; but am with her on the annoying noise level in the women’s game.

During the Sharapova – Azarenka match on Friday, (note: probably the two loudest screechers on the tour today) Mary went off on the WTA officials who decided they could not stop the current players from screeching as loud as they do. They could only make a rule for the younger girls not yet on the tour.

She said the tour officials position was that “the grunting was now an ingrained motor skill that could not be changed.” But Mary pointed out that pros continually change “ingrained motor skills” when they rework their serves, their backhands, and their footwork.

CBS then showed tape of both players practicing … Azarenka made very little noise when striking the ball and Maria made NONE! So, it was used only when they wanted to.

Under the heading of Full Disclosure: At last year’s Fantasy Camp, Davo

Davidson and Ross Case did name ME runner-up to Phil Shapiro for their newly-minted Sharapova Award for loudest grunter in camp!

3 thoughts on “Grunters Beware

  1. The grunting is WAY out of control. They should have addressed it a few years back
    But now it’s almost too late as it is so widespread.
    Enough is enough.


  2. At a gathering in my neighborhood the other night, one topic was tennis grunting. Most said they now turn off the sound for women’s tennis because grunting was out of control and becoming ‘chalk on a blackboard.’ Others said they won’t watch women’s tennis altogether because of grunting. Wouldn’t think sponsors would be pleased.

    Linda – i did, in fact, turn the sound down during Sharapova/Azerenka! tks, george

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