A Flap Over a Flap

While playing a tournament, my opponent had both ankles in braces with Velcro straps; but both straps were way too long and flapping and distracting in the breeze. Could I do anything about it?

It wasn’t a big deal; but it WAS distracting. As he moved for a ball, there were these flashes of white around his ankles that took my focus off of his racquet head and what he might be doing.

I asked if he could tighten them up; but he said, “Sorry, they were just too long for his ankle brace.”

I didn’t push the issue; but could I have made a flap over his flaps? What would the rule be?

PS on strings … i stopped using the Luxilon Big Banger raquet and put i a softer Luxilon ALU to try on the shoulder.

PS on tournaments … congrats to Whitey Joslin and Tom Diehl for winning the 70 dubs in Beverly MA this weekend. Nick Ourusoff was upset in the singles finals.


3 thoughts on “A Flap Over a Flap

  1. As there is no rule on Flaps, the rule of thumb must be – “concentrate harder”. If, on the other hand your opponent donned these to deliberately distract you, then I think you could call the referee to require removal due to ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’.

    Ted Hoehn’s win over Nick is an upset only on paper. Ted has almost always played the handful of very top national players very tough and has beaten some of them What an athlete. In high school he was quarterback, punter and placekicker on the football team and batted over .400 on the baseball team, as I recall, before playing in one of the top spots on the Univ. of North Carolina tennis team.

  2. Ted Hoehn is also a terrific platform tennis player.

    A truly fine athlete and gentleman!

  3. Remember the trend of the sweat towel hanging from the shorts?

    I always hated seeing that little towel flap around but don’t think you could have your opponent remove it .

    George on the string issue..http://www.kirschbaumusa.com/
    Please look at Kirschbaum USA.
    They have the best strings in my opinion ….especially for those who value their elbows. And shoulders.


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