Some of you know that I am a business writer by trade and one of the basic principles I follow is that E2=0. The

concept was articulated first by direct marketing guru Hershel Gordon Lewis and it means, “When you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing.” And there is a tennis lesson there too.

In writing, what it means is that when you write/design a direct mail letter and every paragraph is full of bold face type, words underlined, italics, color type … the whole page screams “look at me!” … and nothing really stands out.

In tennis, the message is: when you poach almost all the time or lob almost all the time; those plays lose their effectiveness, because your opponents will adapt to them and guess what you will be doing.

On poaching, it is better to go one out of three or four times; and that way your opponents will always be trying to guess what you will be doing.

Even at the pro level, if Big John Isner ALWAYS SERVED at even 140 mph straight down the middle, the top level pros would eventually start “sitting on” that serve and getting it back. Isner has learned to mix in the wide serve and the kick serve to keep the returner guessing.

A little “mystery” adds spice to your life (and your tennis game).

Olympic Tennis

Did you watch much/all of the great Olympic tennis? Mr. Murray played great all week and deserved the Gold (and mixed dubs Silver). And the American brother and sister acts performed well … especially considering all the world’s top players were in the dubs draw.

P.S. My pre-Olympic predictions were pretty close …

“The seedings for the Olympic singles are out … Roger Federer and Victoria Azarenka are on top; but will they end up there?

Djoko is #2 and the hometown favorite of Andy Murray is #3 – with Rafa not playing due to injury. My prediction: a nation of supporters spurs MurrayMan to play superior tennis … and he gets to the finals vs. The Fed (just like Wimbledon).

And the results are a toss-up for me.

On the women’s side, I predict Azarenka will NOT win. But will she be surpassed by Serena or Maria? I predict a big week for the tall and lanky Russian.”