The Chargers Senior Championship

Me, Bob, B, Nick
Bob Wilkie and I teamed up on Sunday vs. the very solid team of B. Manning (my Open partner) and Nick Ourusoff for the Chargers Club Senior A Division Championship.

On the way to the match, I told DeDe that the key to what happens will be how Nick played; because he is a nationally-ranked singles specialist and just now fine tuning his doubles game. Well, Nick played very well; so the match was just about even.

In the first set we had trouble holding Bob’s serve and struggled to squeak out at 7-5 win. We held my serve easily – not because of my serving; but because of Bob’s great net play.

I firmly believe that, when you try to figure out “which way are we stronger” and who should serve first, it is not only the serve that should be considered but how well your net man plays. It is that COMBINATION of factors that makes up a better chance of holding serve for your TEAM.

The second set play was equally close; but my steady play and Bob’s aggressive net play allowed us to break serve when we needed and close out a straight set victory for the championship, which is our third consecutive year as winners.

5 thoughts on “The Chargers Senior Championship

  1. Congrats George & Bob!!! George have you ever played Nick in singles? Marc

    Marc – Nick and i practice regularly; but don’t usually play. he would be tough to beat! george

  2. Congratulations George. One of these days I am going to be in Vermont when you are there in New Hampshire and I will try to cross the river to play in this tournie. But this summer I have been spending too much time playing tournies here near Philly and also two of my three USTA leagues have gone to districts so I have not been able to get up to Vermont since Memorial Day. Anyway, I like your comment about not just focusing on the server in doubles to decide who should go first, etc. I am sure we have all exerienced this, but there is nothing more pleasurable than having a strong partner at net when you are serving and nothing so frustrating as serving with a weak net player as your partner. In the former situation, you need to resist the temptation to think that you are suddenly John Isner, when the reality is that you are still the same old server you always were but you are winning the points because you have a doubles partner who knows what he is doing. In the latter situation, I have had many occasions when I was actually serving well only to wind up having my serve continually broken because my partner at net either did not know how to put away a volley or, worse still, had no concept of how to play doubles and wound up making one unforced error after another. In fact, the “Partner from Hell” is the net player who makes all of the mistakes on YOUR serve and then has the audacity to criticize YOU because “you cannot win your service games.”. Life is too short to ever want to play with such a partner again, but we have all had this happen I am sure.

  3. Well done , George . Keep gearing up for October and a Wanker run at the Tennis Fantasies Championship .

  4. Say hello to Nick. He severely trounced me in 70s singles in Santa Fe, NM, but was a real gentleman and a pleasure to play.

    Ron – should see him this week and will do. george.

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