A New Practice Drill

Thanks to former tennis coach Gary Roberts (who just moved to Sunapee, New Hampshire), here is a fun game to liven up your practice sessions. Granted, it is a little complicated for scoring; but really emphasizes a variety of key stoke pointers.

Attack & Defend:
• Skill: works on making a baseliner more aggressive, while rewarding steady play and hustle
• Two players start at the baseline and the person behind in the scoring just puts the ball in play underhanded (the third stroke is in play)
• Both players start with a score of 5 points; you “win” by getting to 11 or you “lose” by going down to 0
• Scoring:
• You get TWO points for hitting an outright winner that your opponent does not touch (drive, volley, drop shot, lob, etc)
• You lose ONE point by missing a shot long or wide
• You lose TWO points by hitting the ball into the net
• First to 11 or to 0 ends the game
• The drill is designed to teach you the pattern of seeing the attackable ball and going for your shot.
• There is a lesser reward for being a steady baseliner; but you can still win that way.
• You can fall behind by missing shots; but you can come back by being aggressive.

Try it in your next practice session (you DO practice, don’t you?).

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