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In case you didn’t notice, the June issue of Tennis Magazine now will incorporate (two times a year) a separate section of Florida tennis news. And this issue had details of the changes taking place in the doubles leagues.

Florida will drop both the “Senior” 50 and over and the “Super Senior” 60 and over categories; and will replace them with 55 & over and 65 & over categories for league play (not USTA tournaments).

The article says, “The Adult 65 & over division will feature three doubles matches offered at the straight levels of 3.0. 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5 for local league play and the 6.0-9.0 NTRP levels at championships.” So, does this mean …

• That 4.0s cannot play on a 4.5 league team?
• But they can combine with a 5.0 to play at “championships”?
• That the USTA National will also be having a 65 & over league category for National Championships?
• That our “younger friends” (60-64s, like Willy Hoffmann and Bob Wilkie) can no longer play in our doubles league?

The change is for the better. It would have been very challenging for guys in their late 60’s to have to compete with “young guns” who just turned 55.

what’s happening in the rest of the country?

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  1. I interpret it to mean that , at straight levels for local play , you can’t have a 4.0 play with a 5.0 but that a 4.0 can still play up and team with a 4.5.
    At the championship levels, a 4.0 could team with a 5.0 in the 9.0 division.
    If we choose to have our league be the 65 and not 55, obviously that leaves out our younger friends .
    I have never seen where Usta has indicated that they will have a 65’s nationals until in the future when there is evidence that there is a certain level of high participation locally at that age group.
    There is a lot of confusion and disappointed people in the older age groups.

  2. George, this is the same thing that is happening in Georgia. One addition, though, is that the 65 league will offer the district champion (here that means state champ) the chance to play in southern sectionals but there will be no national championship competition for the sectional winner. If this is true for Florida the Daytona winner would have no place to go.

  3. Hi, George. There will be no change for a 4.0 playing on a 4.5 team in Florida; the 4.5 team and all other levels must maintain a 75% ratio of players at the stated level of play.

    Championship play at the Section level will be as it has been the last several years with a 4.5 straight level team playing 9.0 combined level at champsionshps.

    There will be no National in 2013 for the 65+; the 65+ must meet the same criteria that all other leagues have in order to have a National. There must be 25,000 players in the league and a minimumof 12 sections participtating. The good news is that 16 sections will be offering that 65+ league and it is anticipated that there will be a National in 2014 although that is not yet guaranteed.

    Your comment that this is for the better is much appreciated. These newly age restructured leagues will begin in USTA Collier in the fall 2013 session. Thank you for playing the game.

  4. In Middle States, there was grousing about this when it was first announced. However, I think most players are now fatalistic about it and/or are adopting a wait and see approach. Middle States is offering 65+ team tennis, so I think that takes some of the sting out of it for the older players. But it does mean that the Super Seniors team that I joined for the first time this year (I just turned 60) and I are going to have to part company after just one year. I am the “baby” on the team as all of my teammates are 65 or older.

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