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Taken at Key Biscayne '11
If you are looking to improve your game, there are some good tennis websites out there (in addition to this one!) that might be of interest.

Former Dartmouth tennis coach, Chuck Kinyon alerted me to a new one from the USTA, “Tennis 15-30” that looks very promising and according to them, offers “a digital magazine that gives you access to exclusive content on all your desktop and tablet-enabled devices.” And it does have lots of good content on it. Check it out after finishing reading this post.

Here is the link to their premier edition: Tennis 15-30

Big John Isner

Did you watch the further development of John Isner against Djokovic yesterday at Indian Wells? Djoko did an incredible job of returning those huge power and kick serves; but Big John has really improved his ground game, volleys, and touch at the net.

What do you think he feels better about… beating #1 in the world? Getting into his first Masters 1,000 Final? Moving into the Top 10? Or winning at least a half-million dollars?

Like others, I was frustrated by the rain and unknown TV coverage of the Nadal/Fed match that followed. I am sure that ABC didn’t want to interrupt their Prime Time TV lineup with “just a tennis match” … nor did they want to put it on live against the NCAA games on one of their sister networks; but when I went to bed at 10 p.m., I discovered it being shown on ESPN2 (what time did it start?). (I will watch it this morning to see who plays Big John).

P.S. if it ever gets played/shown, the men’s finals featured Nadal/partner vs. Isner/Querry.

2 thoughts on “Tennis Website and TV

  1. Re Nadal / Fed — I couldn’t even find updates on the tourney website! Bad news.

    Marc – me neither; but i downloaded an app for my Ipad and was able to follow the match scores live … george

  2. Thanks for the link to Tennis 15-30 George.

    I think John is happy about ALL of the things you mentioned.

    But I’ll bet Isner’s thinking of long term improvement and all of those goals you stated are notches on his belt as he continues his climb towards #1.

    I gotta believe that if his return of serve can improve at Wimbledon that he’s got a real chance at winning his 1st Slam there.

    Hoping the men’s dubs finals at IW will be televised today.


    Brent – if you find out when the dubs may be replayed on Tns Channel, pls let me know. I cannot find it. george

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