Three Tournaments

There are three tournaments going on right now that are of interest (at least to me)…

Pelican Bay Doubles – Young Marc VanDam and I are teamed up in the “Open” division this weekend. With a total of seven teams in the mix, yesterday’s round robin format was challenging. In our flight, we had to play three one-set, no ad scoring “matches” against three different opponents (play one set, go away for an hour, come back to play another set, and then repeat the process).

I really do not like this format; because you don’t have time to relax, get grooved, and sink your teeth into the match. But we survived all three and are in the finals (a regular, three set match) this afternoon.

St. Petersburg Cat II – Meanwhile, up the coast the last big Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament was being played this week. Some notable results:

• 60 singles – #1 seed Larry Turville was cruising to the finals
• 65 singles – Local Larry Albritton lost another close match to #3 seed Don Long; but Don lost to Mike Dahm, who will be playing Dave Nash in the Finals.
• 70 singles – Lefty-righty Steve Lunsford gave #1 seed Joe Bachmann his toughest match in a long time, losing 7-6, 6-7, 6-3; but then Joe eventually defaulted to Carter
• 75 singles – Pelican Bay Super Senior and #2 seeded Gordon Hammes was moving along to the finals against the #1 seed, Lester Sack, who beat Gordon in straight sets for the title.

The link is HERE

Indian Wells – If you have not been watching the early rounds of this big tournament out in California, it is being broadcast TWELVE HOURS A DAY (2 p.m. – 2 a.m. ET) on the Tennis Channel. That schedule should hold all week, until ESPN2 picks it up Friday afternoon.

Have fun playing and watching.