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I just finished reading Monica Seles’ book “Getting a Grip,” which is an interesting look at her tennis life through her eyes.

Different from Pete Sampras’ book, which was primarily a chronology of his matches, Monica’s story is focused around her obsessive and binge eating disorder, which saw her gain 40 pounds during her playing days. She would hire trainers and “food police” to work her hard for eight hours a day; and then sneak out at night to go to a convenience store to gorge herself on peanut butter filled pretzels and cookies.

Also interesting was her interpretation of the events surrounding her near-death stabbing in Germany by a Steffi Graff fan(atic), who wanted his idol to return to #1 in the world (which he succeeded doing … and didn’t serve a day in jail for his crime).

As a local P.S. to this story, a Naples friend has reported seeing her playing tennis at the Imperial Tennis Club, and “how skinny she looks now.”

And also, she is one of the rumored buyers of the Naples Bath & Tennis Club (as is Billie Jean King, Martina Navratalova, and the Mexican Davis Cup organization!). But SOMETHING is happening there now; because the existing staff and those renting courts have all been given notice.

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  1. I read her book too. At first I was disappointed that it was mostly about her eating disorder but later I appreciated her honesty and that the story was different, as in not your usual tennis book. There is a point where your food choices are so extremely bad that no amount of exercise can compensate.

    Bill – I felt exactly the same way… almost stopped reading; but got intrigued as to how she was going to solve her problem. george

  2. Monica Seles was possibly the most gracious, loyal and accommodating player the Hartford FoxForce of World Team Tennis ever had, according to their general manager, a friend of mine.

    Phil – in her book, Monica talks about her “people pleasing personality” and how she had to learn to say NO sometimes. george

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