University Park CC Tournament

It has been a somewhat crazy week at the University Park Country Club after losing my first round singles match on Monday.

Doubles – Paul Veltman is my partner for this tournament. Although it is the first time we have played a match together, we matched up fairly well and actually used complex poaching singles on first and second serves. We played forehands down
the middle, with lefty Paul in the deuce court.

Our first round match on Wednesday was against two nice guys from nearby Payne Park (Jerry and Rick), who we should have beaten 1 and 1. We won the first ten games and a 6-0, 6-2 victory.

The competition was a lot stiffer today vs. #3 seeds, Spike Gonzales and Joe McAleer. Paul and I played well; but they played much better (as they have the whole season) and beat us in two easy sets.

Singles Consol – I tried to find out when my first consol singles match was to be all day Tuesday; and it was finally posted later that night. It showed that I had a bye; so I just played doubles and scouted my opponent for singles.

Trouble is … they CHANGED THE DRAW Wednesday morning and never communicated it. So, while I was actually standing near the tournament desk, I was defaulted! (“Tournament communications” will be the topic of a future posting)

This morning, they reinstated me and right after our doubles match, I played George Gutwirth, a solid opponent who played #4 singles for Columbia in his younger days. I stayed focused the whole match and came away with a solid 6-1, 6-1 victory.

Friday’s quarterfinals consol singles will be against John Lundquist in the morning. John is a very solid player who has some impressive wins on his resume. The winner plays the semi’s later the same day.

For full results, click HERE and click on “results”