I played like Federer

This week is the fourth, and biggest, of the Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tour at the University Park Country Club, near Sarasota. My first round singles match was against Bob Begelman (Long Island to MD); and “I played like Roger Federer.”

The trouble was… he played like Rafa Nadal! I have never played against anyone with such a loopy, high bouncing topspin forehand + a serve that was very similar!

At first, I played my regular game; but all the balls were bouncing up around my shoulders (like Fed), and my shots were ineffective. So I tried crowding both his high bouncing serves and his ground strokes to take them on the rise; but missed too many.

So eventually, I moved BACK and let the ball come down more. Then, we had some excellent, long rallies of 6, 8, 12 shots. But I either got impatient and went for too much, or he got a shorter ball and attacked.

It was a loss of one service break in the first set and two in the second set. So I am now in the Consol singles and waiting for doubles to start tomorrow.


I watched Begelman play his second match today vs. Tommie George (MA); and he beat him about the same way and similar score as he did me. (P.S. Begelman has a 6-1, 6-1 victory over Larry Albritton on his tennis resume).

For other singles results, please click HERE.

5 thoughts on “I played like Federer

  1. George,

    Obviously you will need to play like Djokavitch next time! You will have to stay back and be patient and occasionally take the ball on the rise every once and a while. The backhand slice starting high and coming through can probably work on mixing up the pace on the guy.

    Good Luck in the Doubles! Hope you got all the photos i sent of the last day at camp! Mike

    Rambo – got the great pix! tks. george

  2. George, I had a similar issue in a match some the ago. My friend Steve told me there are two times when the ball is at the height you would like, once on the way up and once on the way down

  3. I try to hit low forehand or backhand slices low over the night. Players with big topspin seem to have a hard time hitting those low to the ground shots with their loopy swings. It’s much easier to hit those if you’re taking the ball on the rise.

  4. Very difficult to play a high topspinner like you found, George. You did all the right things but still came up short. Welcome to the club. In my experience the ONLY way I have ever had some modicum of success against a player like this is to stand waaaayyyyy back and literally hit moonballs with topspin right back at him, but try to make sure all of MY balls bounce closer to the baseline than his does. And then resolve to just play paddycake and keep the ball in play until HE breaks first, loses patience, and tries to go for a winner or forcing shot before I do. But it is hard, damn hard, to play a game like that, which is basically counter to all that we like and have been taught about tennis. It also requires supreme patience, which is something that, frankly, I think we all lose a lot of as we get older. The only positive that I can say is players like this do not come around too often — thankfully.

  5. Hi guys, one other solution is to use the loopies as Marty says but then on the 2nd or 3rd exchange move in and take the ball out of the air with a nice swinging topspin forehand like Andre Agassi used to do. Try it you’ll like it.

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