Cape Coral Finals

Three MN Guys and Me
The second Florida Super Senior Grand Prix tournament is done in Cape Coral. Here are some of the results…

• 65’s: Don Long (NY) repeated as Champ d. Joe Simon (Fernadina, FL)
• 70’s: Fred Drilling (Estero) also repeated d. Wm. Koziol (TX)
• 75’s: Gordon Hammes (Naples) played “an entertaining match” vs. World #1 King Van Nostrand, but lost in two competitive sets
• 80’s: Neil McDonald (Naples) lost in two close sets to #1 seed David Rothgaber (Longboat Key)

And in the doubles:
55’s: George Dalphon (Naples) and Rick Stanton (Estero) lost to Peter Redpath (Sanibel) and David Vaughn (Ft. Myers)
60’s: Larry Albritton and Frank Bova were playing the finals when I left (and results are not yet posted??)
65’s: Tom and I lost to two of his MN friends (see below)
70’s: Tom Fridinger (Pelican Bay) and Bob Busch (MN) lost to Fred Drilling and Clive Kileff
80’s: #1 seeds Neil McDonald (Naples) and Douglas Feaver lost in three sets

Tom and I played “OK”; but his two MN buddies played much better. Dave Spilseth played the ad court and, as a great singles player, got every ball back in play; until his deuce court partner Dave Warner (Ft. Myers) could use his great cross-court forehand to dominate the points.

The first set was competitive: with them breaking us at 3-4 and then serving out the set. But the in the second, they had all the MO and cruised to an easy victory.

Next week starts #3 at Sterling Oaks in Naples. Those draws are at this LINK.