Cape Coral Doubles

With my singles being over (other good matches still being played), Tom and I turned our attention to the doubles at Cape

Gordon Hammes
Coral. Before recounting our match, here are some other local highlights…

• Naples Super Senior Gordon Hammes won in three grueling sets in the 75’s; to get the honor of playing the finals against King Van Nostrand.
• Naples 70’s doubles team of Dick Valentine and Matt Davie (who beat my New Hampshire friends of Whitey Joslin and Tom Diehl on Thursday) lost to the #1 team of Fred Drilling (Estero) and Clive Kileff (TN)
• Fred beat his doubles partner in singles to move into the finals
• In the 65 singles, Larry Albritton (who beat me on Thursday in those three sets) again went three sets and this time “came in second”
• In the 80’s singles (!) and doubles, Naples’ Neil McDonald moved into the finals

With several of the “name” teams not playing, Tom and I were designated as the #1 seeded team in the 65s; so we had a first round bye on Thursday (when I was playing my three-set, three-hour singles quarters).

So Friday in the semi’s, we played the challenging team of crafty/lefty Bob Royden from San Diego and John Lundquist, from Michigan. They had beaten a solid team of Paul Veltman and Gary Engelhard (Pelican Landing, Naples) in three sets on Thursday.

It was a case of “Winning Ugly.” They took the first set 6-4 on lots of lobs and cut shots; and they were up a break in the second set. Tom and I settled down to break back and take the second set 6-3; and then took the third set by the same score.

But I can say with all honesty, that I had more fun LOSING in three sets of singles on Thursday, than winning this one in three sets on Friday.

The only good thing about it was that it was a “W” … So Saturday, is the finals vs. the team of Dave Spilseth (MN) and Dave Warner (Ft. Myers), who won two consecutive three-set matches to get there.

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  1. george. the match may not have not been of the quality you wanted,but i think you have to give yourself credit for “staying the course” competitively. anytime you win a 3 set match, it means you turned a difficult situation (where many competitors give up) into a positive one. and that’s something to respect.

    Joe, it WAS a difficult situation. Tks. George

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