Maintaining Focus

Which is more difficult: playing a highly seeded opponent and still going for your shots with aggression; or playing someone “you should beat” and maintaining your focus and shot-making throughout the match?

At the second Super Senior Grand Prix event in Cape Coral today, I had the “challenge” of the second situation. Again, I was one of four #5 seeds in singles and had a first round bye on Tuesday. My opponent today was Steve Page (Payne Park, Sarasota), who was a “lucky loser” … he was losing to his opponent on Tuesday, who pulled up injured and retired.

As the match started, I saw that he was a fairly steady baseliner, with no real weapons to hurt me; and if I just maintained my focus, played with controlled aggression, I should win handily.

After the match, Steve said to me, “My scouting report was that your forehand was ‘lethal’, so I tried hitting to your backhand; but you didn’t make any errors off that side either. I think you made ONE unforced error in the first set and ONE in the second!”

That was about right and I maintained focus in every game; and won 6-0, 6-0.

As of now, all of today’s results have not yet been posted; but assuming the #2 seed Larry Albritton won his match, that is who I will face tomorrow (and can then test the OTHER theory).

Please post your comments before checking out other results at the link HERE.