My Goal: 90 Minutes

Most people set their tennis goals in terms of their RESULTS… winning a match against a lesser opponent, “not getting

Jeff Greenwald
bageled” against one of the top guys, or winning x number of games against some of the other top guys. But today vs. #1 seed Don Long, I followed the advice of tennis psychologist Jeff Greenwald and set a PROCESS goal: keep him on the court for at least 90 minutes.

My thinking was… if I could keep him out there at least that long, that would mean I was playing well enough to have long rallies, win a fair share of points, and some games AND maybe tire him out, so that conditioning could come into play.

My strategy to accomplish that goal was … keep the ball deep, run him side to side, and hit looping topspin to have it bounce high and out of his low-ball comfort zone (Friend, thanks for the advice).

My results? I looked at my watch at the end of the tough match to see 88 minutes had passed! While he beat me in straight sets (as he had done the three previous times we played), the points and games were (I thought) very competitive. Don said after the match, “At 4-1, it felt like it should have been 4-4.”

Tomorrow in the semi’s, Don plays the new guy/ringer Wm. MacArthur, who cruised through an ailing Tom McCune.

The #2 65’s seed Larry Albritton had his hands full with Bob Tilley (Bill Plummer’s “sixty-five sleeper”)… Larry won the first set and was serving 5-4 for the match; but ended up losing the second set in a tie breaker. I had to leave before it finished.

But I did see Bob Wilkie continue his outstanding second-ever tournament performance taking local pro Steve Shortridge to a second set tie breaker (in front of 20 of his local fans).

There are a ton of local players in all age groups who started the doubles play later in the afternoon. For results of singles and doubles (probably posted after 8 p.m. tonight by Colonial), click HERE.

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  1. This is great advice George. And congrats on keeping Don out there for 88 minutes!

    I completely agree, process is much more achievable than results.


    Brent – thanks … and check out today’s posting for Cape Coral. george

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