Talking During the Point

We have had this discussion several times; but talking during the point came up again during our Saturday morning doubles match.

I hit on off-the-frame drop shot and was telling my partner it was going to be in by exclaiming, “Ready! Ready!”. Our opponents didn’t call it; but we talked about how they “could have.” This similar incident is written up in the current issue of Tennis Magazine’s “Court of Appeals”….

“My partner was on the baseline and I could tell a drop shot was coming… I yelled ‘Short!’ to him just as our opponent was hitting. The opponent said I hindered him and claimed the point. I maintained that as long as I want making loud noises INTENTIONALLY to try to affect their concentration that I had the right to communicate with my partner… Who’s right?.

The Ruling:

“Not you. Whatever your intentions, whenever you open your mouth during a point you run the risk. Specifically, The Code, Item 32 states that players ‘Shall not talk when the ball is moving toward their opponents’ court,’ and adds that when ‘talking interferes with an opponent’s ability to play a ball, the player loses the point.’’

3 thoughts on “Talking During the Point

  1. Great stuff, George. I hate when people do this. Golly, teams like Newcombe-Roche had no need to talk during points. They simply paid attention. It’s even worse when it happens in singles, when one player hits a weak passing shot and says something like “Oh no.”

    Joel – I had that exact thing happen in practice singles match two weeks ago! the guy thought he hit it out, said so, and i just kinda stood there and watched the ball land on the line! george

  2. one of the most important elements of good doubles play is communication. saying the word “yours” on a lob, etc. players,IMO, should constantly talk. i dont think, in all my years playing tennis, i have ever had an opponent deliberately talk to “hinder” me. if i can see my opponent going to hit a drop shot and i can communicate this to my partner quickly enough verbally, i should do this. blaming my missed shot on an opponent talking, is weak, IMO.

  3. During a singles match their is never a time to say anything. In a doubles match it is customary to talk to your partner whether to ” bounce it” or “yours” when the ball is going toward you but never when the ball is going towards the opponents.

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