USTA League Changes

If you remember, the USTA (in their infinite wisdom) is/was planning to do away nationally with the 60 and over 4.5 league division… in favor of having a 55+ and a 70 and over (4.0 level only). Well, some things are changing – in Florida at least.

Naples friend and USTA Florida Collier Region 7 senior coordinator, Bob Baker reports the Florida Leagues Council has voted approval for the 2013 league year to have the 70+ league BE CHANGED IN FLORIDA to a 65+ that would start next October.

To be consistent throughout the state, and have the best competitive format, straight level of play will be offered: 3.0 league, 3.5 league, 4.0 league, 4.5 league

Council member Linda Kleitch says, “USTA Florida has become a leader in the Leagues. I am still on the Council and have great hopes for the USTA in our area. I support our positive changes as we on the Council work together for the betterment of our leagues.”

What is happening in your region and nationally??

3 thoughts on “USTA League Changes

  1. George: I have forwarded this information to our local USTA office, asking them if anything similar is being discussed in Illinois

    Len – Tks … keep us posted. Maybe we can start a national movement! geo

  2. George, thank you for passing on the USTA league changes for the Super 70’s in Florida effective with the other age divisions restructure slated for 2013. Wanted to add that the 65+ league will offer advancement for area winners at each level to a sectional tournament in Daytona. The 70’s+ league did not generate enough players in the Florida Section to have a Sectional which many of our players wanted. At our recent captains meeting, some of the 75+ players were concerned about not being able to compete with the young 65 year old players. Thoughts?

    Bob – that is great that there is some place for the 65+ winners to go!

    On the second item: with the Baby Boomers starting to move thru the age groups, the time is not too far off when we should be able to have five year blocks, just like in the senior tournaments.


  3. George, as I mentioned to you in a separate email, I was totally stonewalled by our local USTA rep, who stated their position that there weren’t enough senior players to constitute a league, and that by decreeing a 55-70 age bracket they were doing all of us a favor by “opening up a larger player pool”, completely ignoring the age disparity of such a move. She also stated that there wouldn’t be a national tournament for a 60+ group anyway, also ignoring the fact that the USTA is the body that eliminated the national tournament.

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