Longboat Key Tournament

After losing my first round singles match to “the ringer” (who gave the #1 seed a match in the first set anyway), Wednesday was consolation singles and Thursday the doubles started for Tom and me.

The consolation singles is a challenging format: eight game pro set, which means the first to win eight games by two (or you play a ten point match tie break at 8-8). Also, no add scoring… which means at 3-3 (40 all) it is simultaneous game point for both players.

The keys to playing this format?

• You really need to get a great warm up before the match; so you come out loose.
• Start out just like Spike and Chuck advised: well under control.
• Don’t make stupid, unforced errors on key points.

FIRST CONSOL SINGLES on Wednesday was against a very nice retired school principal from Kentucky, who was a self proclaimed “3.5 player who just loved to play singles.” I stayed totally focused and won 8-0.

The tournament directors had assumed it would be a quick match and asked me to play a second match right afterwards against another first round loser, who was stood up by his opponent.

SECOND CONSOL SINGLES: I agreed and had a better match against a better player (he had played Joe Bachmann in the Venice tournament two weeks before and got two games off the former world #1). Early in the warmup I saw that he really preferred to hit his backhand and was erratic on his forehand.

For the match, I served almost exclusively to his forehand and 75% of the groundstrokes went there too. The score was a comfortable 8-2.

THIRD CONSOL SINGLES was on Thursday against a very tough lefty, Don Keenan, from NJ and The World Tennis Club in Naples. Don had beaten me two years ago in a fairly close match. This match was much the same… I was very aggressive on most of my groundstrokes; but made some key, stupid, unforced errors… missing two easy overheads and (my nemesis) put away, high forehand volley at 3-3 game point. He won in one break of serve, 8-5.

DOUBLES started on Thursday, with Tom and me playing against an unranked local team from Longboat Key. We stayed totally focused and, although they had several game points, we were able to run the table for a 6-0, 6-0 bagel.

Friday, we play the #1 seeds.

For the link to all the draws, click HERE

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  1. OK George, then you beat the #1 seeds in 2 sets and meet us. Good Luck. We are ready.

    Bill – That IS our plan! see you later. geo

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